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Monday, April 21, 2014

Chuck Burnt Ends and a little Sausage

It was time to fire up the smoker, it's been a while, don't want to let moisture build up in there. The decision was to double smoke some sausage and get a nice batch of Chuck Burnt Ends. I also decided I needed dinner and that called for some CAB short ribs.

UDS running initially at 225°F for two hours, then ramped to 300°F for remainder of cook.
Fuel was a mixture of Coshell Coconut briquettes, Cowboy Lump and Pecan chunks

Sausage: Locally produced linguica and kielbasa
Chuck Burnt Ends: CAB chuck roast, seasoned with Simply Marvelous Sweet and Spicy, then The Rub Company Original BBQ, then medium grind Campot black pepper, Sauced with a 50/50 mix of Big Butz Original and Bart's Blazing Q Hot
Shortribs: Prime CAB, seasoned with Simply Marvelous Sweet and Spicy, then SM Cherry, then medium grind Campot black pepper.

Double smoked Kielbasa and Linguica

The sausages were put onto the cooker at 225°F and allowed to smoke for about 45 minutes, all I am looking to do is get an additional layer of smoke into them. They were removed and wrapped for later use. This just kicks the smoke flavor up a bit. And makes use of the cooker a little more efficient while I prepare the other meats.

Nice Chuck Roast

Three layers of Seasoning

Nicely marbled short ribs

Three layers of seasoning

Cubing the Chuck

Sauced and Ready for more heat


Slicing the Short ribs

Tender and Juicy

Ready for the eating

The burnt ends worked out great, and the short ribs were fork tender and had great flavor. I did not sauce the short ribs, they were fine without, the cheesey hush puppies were just for kicks. Everything went per plan, a good return after over a month off from smoking something.