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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Brisket just for giggles

Decided to cook a brisket, it had been a while, and felt the need to run the smoker.

Packer Brisket, 16 pounds, Angus Choice grade
Cooked on UDS
CoShell briquettes and apple wood chunks
Cook temps-2 hours at 225°F, 5 hours at 295°F
Rested for 2 hours in cooker, with vents closed

The packer

The overall appearance was like a meteorite, there was a little scorching on the fat cap, but, that is acceptable to me. Overall, the feel of the brisket as it came off the cooker was that it was very soft and pliable.

The Lean

There was a little crumbling on the edge, but, overall, the slices held together just enough to be lifted from the board, The shot is deceptive, the flat was very moist and tender. The bark had a great saltiness to it, and the fat cap was nearly gone. Perfect flat cook.

The Point

Perfect for me, I prefer the point to be cooked on the packer, and not separated to make burnt ends. The point on this packer was cooked to where it just clung together, none of that chewy texture that flats can show when undercooked. Great flavor in the bark, just a hint of sweetness from the fat caramelizing, I think.


Just a shot of ribs...
Cooked in the UDS, over charcoal and apple wood, rubbed with Melvin's, Simply Marvelous Sweet and Spicy and some of my Santa Maria rub.