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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Smoked Pork Trimming

I ended up doing a lot of smoking today, along with a rack or three of baby back ribs, I ended up buying a couple of rather poorly trimmed pork butts. In the end, it doesn't matter that they were not trimmed too well, they are on their wat to smoked carnitas. But, I found a small muscle that is usually removed as trim, that was still attached. There are a few of these small muscles that occur in odd locations on a pig, that are incredibly tender. This one is along the top and back of the butt of a pork shoulder. It looks a lot like the "money muscle" from the butt.

I rubbed it up with my usualy Mother Rub (same as I use for tri-tip and brisket) and smoked over apple for 3 hours at 250F. I ended up applyin yet another test baste/sauce for kicks.

Unsliced Pork Trim

Juicy, tender, smoky, spicy

Along with the test sauce, this hit on every note. That sliced photo, is pre-sauce. This is one juicy cut of meat. The sauce is a test bed I have been playing with as a sort of clone of a popular competition sauce, but, with a few tweaks to increase complexity.