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Monday, February 8, 2010

Chicken kara age

 Kara age, Japanese style fried chicken, in this case wings, make a great bar food or appetizer.  The slightly sweet and savory flavor combined with the crunchy exterior lends itself to the flavor of a good sake or ale.  My favorite with this kind of snack is a pale ale with a nice crisp texture and mild flavor.  It just makes for a good football snack or something to munch on while waiting for the smoker to do it's job.

I make mine by using my standard teriyaki marinade, 'amping' it up with a bit more garlic and ginger and letting the wings marinade for a couple of hours at least.  Then dredge in a mix of corn starch and fine flour, which gives it an exceptional crunch and pan-frying until done. No sauce necessary, these were packed with flavor.


  1. Never heard of kara age before but I know it looks awesome, Bob. Crispy and flavorful, right?

  2. Yes, think teriyaki fried chicken, it can't be bad.