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Friday, October 15, 2010

Home made pasta for dinner

I have not forgotten that I have a blog, it is just that not getting a lot of cooking done of late.  This is good for my favorite BBQ joint, less good for my wallet.  Does this mean I will not be there for stuffed jalapenos on Saturdays, well, no it does not.  Anyways, the knee felt mediocre, so to the kitchen.  I threw together some pasta combining one egg with enough flour ( I use 50/50 all-purpose flour and semolina flour), a couple pinches of salt and a little kneading.  After a one hour rest to hydrate and rest the gluten.  It gets rolled, hand cut and allowed to dry on a rack.

I also used some jar sauce, fried it up with a little olive oil, some Lucky Dog Hawaiian Pepper hot sauce and salt and pepper to taste.  Once the pasta had tried for a couple hours, I boiled it for 3 to 4 minutes, since it was fairly random and thick pasta, the minute extra got it to al dente.  I think it needed maybe even a minute more as it turned out.

I added the pasta and a little pasta water to thicken the tomato sauce and plated. Fairly low in protein and very filling.  I ended up eating only half of what is in the photo.
A little more fresh black pepper ground on top and dinner was complete.


  1. Alexis needs to pick your brain. We tried hand rolling egg noodles the other day and they were just okay. I think we're doing something wrong.

    But I have noticed hand made pasta is more filling. Yours looks great and I can see why you didn't finish it.

  2. By okay, do you mean they were too thick, or too tough etc...there are actually a few tricks I have picked up with making pasta. I still have a lot to learn, but, let me know what you felt could be better, maybe I can help.