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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Biscuits on the kettle

I decided to make biscuits on my kettle.  They would become breakfast sandwiches.

They looked like this at the start.  They are not healthy, although they used very good ingredients, especially the organic dairy and king Arthur flour.  But, they were cooked over a fire running at 400F in lard.  Yes, in fact, lard that was used to make duck confit.  I cannot begin to explain why I did this, or how good they are.  Biscuits bake/fried in duck fat laden lard.
To assuage my guilt, a little, maybe, I added a saute of baby spinach, baby shiitake and onions over a nice country milk gravy and a smoked sausage patty.  The red stuff is cranberry habanero jelly.  I still think this is gonna be healthier than a McMuffin.


  1. My McDonald's uses duck fad lard to make their McMuffins;)

  2. You must live in a very tony neighborhood. Wait until you see what I do with miniature chickens.