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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Smoked Spicy Chicken Wings

I got back into the swing of cooking and taking pictures, and today was the day to try out a couple of new-to-me products that I have been meaning to get around to. Finally did it. For a while now, my friend Ryan Chester has had out two new sauces for use in BBQ cooking, and I finally was able to get around to buying a couple of bottles. And the company Oakridge Rubs has had out a product called Habanero Death Dust that kept getting great reviews, and I finally ran across a bag of it.

The spices

The Death Dust was blended with some Ted and Barney's and Simply Marvelous Sweet and Spicy rubs. The ratio was:

60% Oakridge Habanero Death Dust
25% Ted and Barneys (much like a Santa Maria rub)
15% Simply Marvelous Sweet and Spicy

The chicken was washed and allowed to air dry, then coated lightly with the rub. I didn't want to go nuts with a rub called Death Dust, as I want to taste the chicken, and some complexity.

Yup, those look like chicken

Chicken with rub

The kettle was setup with some Royal Oak briquettes, no smoke wood, and was fired up at 300°F, indirect heat, the chicken went on first, for 20 minutes skin side up. After 20 minutes, the chicken was flipped, then the corn was added, indirect to heat the ears up. Another 15 minutes, and the chicken temped at 150°F, I moved the corn over the fire and tossed the chicken with the Tropical Heat sauce from The Rub Company. This sauce is sweet with a strongly fruity and complex flavor. I don't find it hot, but, that is what makes it perfect for these wings. I put the wings back on for 10 minutes indirect, while I flipped the corn about.

I also made a baste for the corn, combining some ideas I have heard of from various grilled corn sources.

Corn Marinade:
1 Tablespoon Mayonnaise
1 Tablespoon Lucky Dog Dia del Perro hot sauce
1 teaspoon Softened butter

I mashed all these ingredients together, then basted on to the corn once it was beginning to char. This sped up the char process and I used a mixture of the Habanero Death Dust and some umami salt I had lying around as a dusting.


Everything worked great in unison, the spicy chicken, the sweet glaze and the corn all made for a nice finish. A little salad and dinner was a winner.

Chicken close-up

I am very pleased with the overall color and flavor of the combination of spices and sauce I used in this cook. The chicken really does shine with this sauce.

Yum, slightly over cooked corn

One of my favorites, slightly over-cooked grilled corn. This worked out great as well.

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  1. Looks good! I like your corn marinade idea. I'm going to use that one next time I fire up the grill.