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Friday, December 11, 2009

Beef Short Ribs

Tonight was beef short ribs, I wanted to try using a combination of grilling and braising to create a pot roast dinner with the added complexity of smoke and rub in the mix.  An inspiration for this idea was the post by Larry of the BBQ Grail ( ).  I rubbed the short ribs with a rub designed for use on beef, normally I would use this rub on chuck roast and dino bones.

For this cook, I wassmoking over oak and cherry, at 275F.  After 1 hour on the kettle this is what the ribs looked like.

After another hour, I pulled the short ribs and put them in my brasier along with onion, shiitake mushrooms, several heads of garlic and green onion.  I also added 1/4 cup Amontillado sherry and 1/8 cup each of water and apple cider vinegar.

After a couple hours of being in the oven at 300F, I removed the meat and added red potato chunks and baby carrots, pumped the heat to 425F and roasted the potatoes and carrots for color, added the meat and braising fluid back into the pan to heat for serving.

A scatter of green onions and some rice rounded out the plate.  There is nothing like short ribs for a lovely texture, great intense flavor and all that collagen.  The smoke and rub added excellent complexity to the short ribs.


  1. Daaaaaaaaang, Bob. You ROCKED that plate! Did you like the mix of oak and cherry? I have not tried that before.

  2. To be honest, no, it was a waste of the cherry. Oak has a strong taste profile and over-powered the cherry. But, I did not have enough of either to do the cook alone. The oak is the choice for this dish.