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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Breakfast Sandwiches

When I make ribs using a St. Louis trim, there are chunks of meat that are removed from the rib rack that I do not use for the cook.  I like to use the trimmings from the rib racks to make sausage, the meat already has a favorable lean to fat ratio and has that rib taste. My favorite use is to make chorizo with the trimmings,a s I believe the flavor of the meat and fat is best complemented by the spices used for chorizo. Here are the trimmings, this is about one pound of flap and skirt trimmings.

I season the meat and let it sit overnight to allow the spices to 'melt' into the meat and get a good seasoning on the surfaces. When I grind the meat I get a better distribution of the spices throughout the meat.  If I was going to stuff the sausage into casings, I would add some moisture by mixing the spices with liquid prior to adding them to the meat.  For bulk sausage, I do not like to make the meat too wet. Here is the meat formed into a 'fattie'.

The 'fattie' was dusted with some of my pork rub, then allowed to sit and come to room temperature while I fired up the kettle.  The kettle was running with the last of my emergency Kingsford Blue along with a handful of cherry shards. I really need to hit the store. I ran the kettle at 300F and had the 'fattie' in the smoke for 45 minutes, then wrapped and rested for 15 minutes.

Here is the sliced 'fattie' showing a very nice distribution of fat and lean, along with a little smoke ring and a nice crusty surface.

These were headed for sandwiches, my version of Sausage Egg McMuffins, but, with a nice cabbage and green onion slaw, salsa and some melted cheese.  These were very good with a nice bite, but, not crazy hot. The 'fattie' was still quite juicy and you could definitely taste the pork rib flavor.

No beers died in the making of this post, it is a breakfast item after all.


  1. No beer at breakfast? Sheesh.....lightweight!

    Just kidding. How do you grind yours? I have a manual cranked grinder with 2 dies but haven't really used it much.

  2. I have a Kitchenaid with a meat grinding attachment. It has two dies and works pretty well. I used one time through the small die.