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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Brewing Again

Finally was able to brew again, it has been almost 8 months and my beer pantry is already dry.  I did a simple batch of Honey Pale Ale from extract with some honey malt for steeping. Nothing fancy, but, it is a start.

Here are the ingredients...

Ultralight liquid malt extract, dried malt extract and 3 lbs of local honey.
 Then there is the grain, in this case some crushed honey malt.
And finally there were two additions of Glacier hop pellets. This is the first of two additions.

The last photo is of a hop bine just beginning to sprout from a cutting I received from the USDA for a little experiment I was hoping to perform this year, unfortunately, I was not able to get the wild female hop that I needed for the crossing. 

My plan was to back cross known hop plants to a wild hop with the idea of looking for a more compact backyard scale hop plant.  It is USDA 60023 accession, a male hop.  The search continues...


  1. You take beer to an art form.

  2. I have yet learned how to shoot it in a glass. This is the first time I have shot a part of the process.