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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Leftover Chocolate...Mousse!

I had some leftover chocolate from the charity truffles. And then there was the cream, whipping cream I found in the 'fridge, about to go bad. I decided a nice chocolate mousse was in order.  So here we go.

Chocolate was melted over the double boiler and then allowed to cool to luke warm temperature.

 Then the whipping cream wa whipped to stiff peaks, my preference as I am indelicate at folding.  Here it is waiting for a little sweet company.

 All that is left is to add a little of the whipped cream to the chocolate, then add that lightened chocolate to the whipped cream, fold gently, or not, until barely combined.  A few white streaks are acceptable to me.

And then off to the refrigerator to cool and smooth out.  It looks good at this point. And it eats good too.


  1. Never tried making it before but it looks right to me! Did it have that light texture?

  2. Yes, it is easy to make. Some use gelatin or cream of tartar in the cream, I don't. It was good.