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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No Camera

GAH!  Tonight was a riff on carnitas made with beef, it was beautiful, and I wanted to make my back from vacation post with it. But, NOOOO, I can't find my camera bag, this is not good.  It means that most likely my camera bag is in Humboldt County and at the mercy of my nephews.  If I thought my 5 year old nephew knew the meaning of mercy, I would not be worried.  He does not, I am worried.

The beef was a marinated chuck roast slowly cooked in a dutch oven until pulling tender, there were fancy tortillas and fresh cut salsa, but, none of it matters now.


  1. May god have mercy on your camera, lol.

    Carnitas sound quite good though.

  2. Camera has been located and will be safely returned.