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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Truffles, not BBQ

I made truffles...chocolate truffles...with cognac...see?  They were made with a mix of Guittard couverture and chips, and some of thier single origin chocolates for coating.  The other ingredients were heavy cream and VSOP cognac, it is a very simple if messy affair. Here are the ingredients.

The chocolate for the filling is slowly melted by the hot cream/cognac mixture.  This time I flamed the cognac to remove some of the alcohol, this does affect the flavor and sensation of the cognac.  Although I find the flavor to be more subtle, it is still a very good chocolate ganche.  I prefer the ganache for truffle centers to the more traditional and firm butter and cream type filling.

I also dip the center, as opposed to the more traditional and nomenclature proper use of cocoa powder, which simulates the apperance of a true truffle much more accurately.  I like the extra punch of being able to coat the truffles with the single origin chocolates from Guittard. Here is the dipping station and some of the centers.  I cannot seem to do this neatly.
Here are the completed truffles, both in the roughly rolled form (traditional) and a cut form to make tiny little towers, just an experiment to see how it worked.  I do like the odd geometry of the cut truffles.
Simple Ganache Recipe for truffle centers

2 pounds chocolate, couverture is best, 68% is acceptable
1 cup heavy cream
1/4 cup cognac, or other liquor (optional)

1.  Chop chocolate into pieces no larger than 1/2" in size. Larger is workable, but, makes everything a little slower.
2.  Heat heavy cream to just short of a boil, do not burn. Add liquor if desired.
3.  Add hot cream mixture to chocolate in a metal bowl, stir to combine and start melting of chocolate.
4.  Stir until ganache forms, it should appear silky and slightly thickened.
5.  Pour into a pan or similar shallow vessel.
6.  Allow to cool to room temperature, you can place in cooler or refrigerator to speed process.
7.  Using a small disher or melom baller, form rough balls. They do not need to be perfect as a rougher surface resembles a truffle.
8.  You can use a pastry bag to fill molds or pipe shapes.
9.  Dusting with cocoa is the easiest way to finish truffles.

Since I like a very soft center, I add a little more liquid, up to another 1/4 cup of heavy cream to make the ganache softer, which makes it harder to work with, but, so soft and melting when eaten.


  1. I see you own the same "double boiler" that I do:)

    Were they as tasty as the look?

  2. I dunno, gave them all away. But, it is heavy cream and chocolate, what could be bad?

    I have the metal bowl double boiler too.