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Monday, April 12, 2010

Burger Time

Tonight's dinner, burger and fries, but, not just any burger and fries.  In tribute to my friend at The BBQ Grail, I made a MOINK burger. Yes, a burger that basically follows the rules of MOINK.  For those who do not know what the heck I am talking about...

International MOINK Ball Appreciation Society

But, back to my burger, that guy gets enough coverage already.  Here is the end product, yes, I am going to work backwards, such a rebel...
Yep, there it is, and more...I bought some Pacific Prairie grass fed and finished beef from a ranch up near Hydesville, CA.  This was extra lean ground beef, somewhere around 93% lean, but, not to worry, as I added bacon. BACON!
In this case I bought Applegate extra thin sliced bacon, uncured and tasty.  I find the smoke on this bacon to be a little too subtle for breakfast, but, I am gonna fix that for this burger.  I then added some rub, done in my now usual two layer method. This case it was a sweet and savory rub experiment made by another friend at Simply Marvelous BBQ.  Then my usual medium grained top rub.
Don't those look good, well, onto the grill with some highly seasoned sweet potatoes, in this case one of those red skinned/orange fleshed ones.  I just rub then with a little olive oil and then hit em with the rub.
Well, the whole thing hit the kettle which was smoking along with a load of oak lump charcoal and a couple of chunks of pecan. This ran at 250F for about 40 minutes, the MOINK burgers got hit with some sauce and allowed to cook until the sauce was set. Off the grill and ready for plating, except for one that got a cheese treatment, some white cheddar melted onto the burger.  Here is a good look at the unadorned MOINK-like objects.
And finally the plating, burger built with the classic condiments and a sauce made from mayonnaise, dill relish and some soon to be marketed by yet another friend jalapeno-garlic sweet and spicy sauce.
And enough of that, what a long post.


  1. Yours and all those burgers in the throwdown had me craving a burger earlier this week. Great job, Bob!

  2. Ut oh. If my younger son sees those bacon wrapped burgers, I am going to have to make some this weekend. He loves when I bacon weave.

  3. I can't begin to tell you how good these burgers were.