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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Salt-free BBQ Rub

Just a quick post here, I have always been a believer that BBQ rubs requires salt. This is not so good with my efforts to limit my blood pressure.  I have to say that while I just deny myself salt on some meals to allow it for other meals, Charlotte Gonzalez of Phat Matt's BBQ took a different tack.  To take better care of herself, she set about to create a rub that does not use salt.  I find myself back at the Phat Matt's counter all too often buying thier brisket.  Here is why...
Look at that bark and flavor on the surface of that meat.  If you can't tell by the photo's, I will tell you this was some 'Texas-style' tender brisket with juice running out of the meat as well. By 'Texas-style' I mean that is tender to the tooth, yet, holds together when sliced and has a slight snap when bent.  Good stuff and lower in salt than traditional BBQ brisket by far.


  1. Do you know for sure that the salt is an issue? Only about 10% of the population is salt-sensitive.

  2. In regards to me? Yes, I know that I am supposed to monitor my sodium intake and keep it at around 1500mg per day. You are correct that most folks can have lots of salt with no issues.

  3. I hang with a bunch of hippies and wacky tobacco planters.