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Friday, June 25, 2010

BBQ supply shops

I know, no pictures, didn't happen. But, it did.  Today I visited Jimmy James BBQ Pro Shop in Redding, California, a few weeks ago, I had the chance to swing by Greenleaf BBQ in Livermore, California.  This is of note because of the fact that these shops are located in California, not an area known for BBQ.  These types of shops offer a broader line of smaller production and lesser known BBQ products that are too easily ignored by the larger retail stores.  Until recently, in order to gain access to many of the BBQ rubs and sauces, I had to resort to mail order or accepting less than what I wanted.  Now, I have access to quality charcoals, rubs and sauces when I need them.

This doesn't mean I can abandon the internet for acquiring the latest and greatest all the time, but, it is boon for those of use whose passion is outdoor grilling and smoking.


  1. Very cool to have such a place! We still rely mostly on the internet.

  2. I like Green Leaf - I used to go there when they were in Turlock. I love the bins of hardwood. You might also want to check out Eggs by the Bay in the south bay.

  3. Thanks for the mention in your article. We really try hard to continually add new products to our BBQ Shop in Livermore - many at customer request. We specialize in The Big Green Egg. I also know Jimmy James and they are really doing good things in Redding. Smitty at Eggs by the Bay set the standard for the local BBQ specialty shop.

    Thanks again,

    Tim Bryan
    Pitmaster, Green Leaf BBQ Competition Team