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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pourover Coffee test

Well, it's Sunday and I was a slow starter today, I will end up spending most of the day working at the computer, so hurrying to that is certainly no bonus.  But, I slow started to the point where going to my favorite coffee shop was not going to happen.  So, I decided to test out the idea of making some pour-over coffee.  This is a technique that is similar, on the surface, to using one of those Melitta cones, but, with a great deal more detail involved.

I don't have the budget to just to and get all 'spendy' on coffee equipment that I might not like, so I decided to go with a funnel, coffee carafe from my now dead coffee maker and a measuring cup.  Sooo technical.  Fresh ground some beans from Zocalo Coffee in San Leandro, these folks actually roast their beans on site, several times a week I can go in and actually talk with the roaster as she is working.  Some water was heated and the whole process began.

This is some good coffee, brewed at 195F and very delicious.  I need to graduate from a aluminum funnel and a old drip carafe.

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