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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fatty Pizza

Finally got around to making a pizza on the Weber, decided to combine two new projects on this one.  First, I cooked up a fatty, essentially a 1 pound sausage chub, rolled in a BBQ rub, then smoked low and slow.  This creates a nice flavorful crust over the sausagey goodness inside.  In this cook, I used my Mother Rub for the rub, a pound of Italian sausage, formed into a log shape, cooked at 225 over lump charcoal with Jack Daniels barrel chunks for smoke.

ready for the smoke:

and cooked, see the nice bark?

This done, I decided to slice it, and add it to a pizza.  I ramped the kettle up with more lump charcoal and get it up to 450F.  In this case, I used a perforated pan to put the pizza on.  The dough was some premade pizza dough, a tad over dressed with crushed tomatoes, parmigiano reggiano and mozz.  Once the cook was underway and the cheese melted, the slices of fatty were place.  I did have some issues with getting the pizza off of the peel, so there is some deformation.  Bummer.

Pretty clearly, there is some work to do on this one.

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