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Monday, October 26, 2009

Simply Marvelous Shrimp

Since joining the BBQ Brethren, I have had the opportunity to connect with rather a lot of folks that really have a passion for BBQ and outdoor cooking, amongst these great people, there are many that are professional BBQ cooks and caterer's.  Simply Marvelous BBQ is one owned by one of these fine folks, and he recently shipped me some samples for me to try cooking with. I received two generous amounts of his Simply Marvelous Sweet and Spicy Season-all and a pack of his Simply Marvelous Seafood rub.

Well, here is what I did with it.  My riff on shrimp and grits, using a honey jalapeno cornbread in place of the grits. The shrimp was marinaded in a mix of clarified butter and the Seafood rub for 5 minutes, then skewered and dusted with more rub...

There they are all dusted and ready for grilling...

The cornbread was also mixed with some roasted jalapenos, red bell peppers and some of the Sweet and Spicy rub used instead of salt.

I will have to post about this cornbread next, it was quite tasty.

And here is the final product, it was perfectly seasoned which I credit to the rubs that Steph from Simply Marvelous sent to me, they were very balanced seasonings with a mild heat and very savory balance to the other spices.  One of the most notable aspects was that the sodium was not overpowering, which is a problem for me, as most of my diet is lower sodium.  Oh, and I had a Lagunitas 'Little Sumpin Extra' ale to keep the palate refreshed.


  1. Ok, I like the cornbread and shrimp too. But I couldn't help but think how good it would be to do your cornbread like that, topped with grits and then the shrimp!

    Nice looking dish, ya got there, Bob.

  2. I gotta say, after this, there will be shrimp and grits. Cheesey grits I suspect.

  3. Cheesey grits would be my preference as well. Nice to see seafood get a workout on the outdoor grill. Good looking stuff!

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