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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chile Verde

I decided to take a stab at making chile verde on the kettle tonight.  This would include some ranch beans to use up my failed pork sirloin (I assume there is no need to link to that failure).

The meat would be pork blade steaks, rubbed with a simple chile powder/lime powder and Bob's Top Rub blend.  These were placed onto the grill after the peppers were roasted.  The steaks were allowed to smoke at 250F for 2 hours.
After 2 hours, the meat was starting to get a nice color and showing some signs of break down of the connective tissue.  It was panned and the chopped up roasted peppers, some additional Hatch peppers, red onions and garlic were tossed in to sweat with the meat on the kettle.
This was allowed to sweat down and begin to release some of the juices of the vegetables.  Some green chile enchilada sauce was added to bring into play some more moisture to aid in breaking down the connective tissues.  Another hour at 250F and this is where we end up.
Add to this some ranch beans made with some Rancho Gordo Vaquero and Pinto beans along with some onion, garlic, spices and the failed incredibly salty pork sirloin, which worked great in place of a ham hock.
And then there is the finished plate, along with some cucumbers with yogurt herb sauce to help provide a cooling element to the dish.  This was some good stuff.
This would have been really good with some beer...I mean cerveza.


  1. I tip my Dos Equis to you in honor of a great looking plate of food. Nice work finding a use for the incredibly salty pork sirloin.

  2. Thanks ZP, yes it worked out well.

  3. Hey Bob -- Seth Kolloen here, I'm editor of ManTestedRecipes, a new recipe site for men from AllRecipes. First of all, this looks absolutely delicious.

    Second, sorry to put this all in a comment, but I didn't see an email for you.

    Third, I'd love it if you'd submit a recipe or two (or as many as you'd like) to our site, this is just the type of thing we're looking for. The nice thing about the site is that on each recipe you can include a link back to your blog, so people can go there for more.



  4. I guess I should put an email link on here.

  5. Saw that on the forum and dang it looks good! I've got to try this in a dutch oven soon because anytime I see the verde, I want it!

  6. I keep wanting to try a batch of chile verde. This sure looks like a good recipe. I like the idea of using blade steaks versus cubed butt. I be you get a lot more flavor this way.

  7. It is faster is the biggest thing. I really like it made with a whole butt, but, that takes a while.