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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beef Chuck Ribs

I found some beef chuck ribs at the butcher shop the other day. The butcher had kept them untrimmed so that they could cut them to order for whoever might buy them.  For those unfamiliar with these, they are often cut into short ribs, flanken ribs and gal-bi style butterflied ribs. These were about 12" long and from Niman Ranch, good quality beef. Here they are fresh from the butcher wrap.
As you can see, they are loaded with fat, connective tissue and meat, probably a meal for 5 there. Anyways, ignoring the fact I was cooking these for myself, I rubbed them down with a rub based upon my pork rub, heavy on the chile and savory components and without the sugar I would normally add to this rub. The reason for this later.  I then used my usual 'Top Rub' as a second rub after 10 minutes of letting the first rub cure up.  I had the kettle rolling along at 250F, or so I thought! Anyway, here are the ribs on the kettle.
 Now, it has been a while since I was on the kettle and much to my surprise, I did not set the vents correctly and had the kettle rocking at 400F after letting it run for 60 minutes or so. Bummer!  Still, set the vents for 225F and get the cook under control, this can still be saved. And, indeed, it was. Here they are out of the kettle along with an ear of corn that I cooked on the coals. I had unwrapped the corn, rubbed with a little butter and some BBQ rub. Then wrap and place on the coals. Yes, on them.
Look at that color, that is from the sauce. I dug out the cherry syrup I made for the cake and decided, why not, it was good on cake. I know, flawless, next week I BBQ with buttercream!  Anyway, I glazed with the cherry syrup for the last 15 minutes, at 225F and got this lovely red color. The flavor was excellent on the beef, you get the spice from the aromatics in both the rub and the sauce and then the top note of cherry sweetness and fruit profile.  This would totally kill with Simply Marvelous Cherry Rub, if I had any left. I go through more of that stuff... So here is a cut shot, showing the meat grain, smoke ring and just how juicy these were.  I really could not be happier with these. I also feel that the full length of the rib made it easier to cook and much more moist than the smaller cuts, this is defnieietly that way to cook this part of the chuck.


  1. Mouth watering look to them, very nice!

  2. Like I said on the forum, just awesome looking, Bob. That last shot is MONEY!

  3. Thanks guys, yeah, that last shot is maybe the best shot of food I have taken.