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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Phat Matt's...what makes a BBQ joint worth visiting

I can cook, I can BBQ, and I think I can do it pretty well.  I don't have loads of trophy's, but I can smoke a pretty nice meal up.  So, why do I have a 'go to' BBQ joint?  What makes a BBQ restaurant worth going to when I can cook and enjoy cooking.  Well, it comes down to more than just convenience.  It comes down to a place that not only makes great meat, but, that listens to what customers say and changes up the offerings once in a while.  Phat Matt's is one such place.

I am not in the habit of reviewing restaurants, I think my choices and tastes are too limited to do that kind of thing accurately.  Further, I am too easily swayed by personality to be a good reviewer.  However, I really do enjoy Phat Matt's BBQ, not only because they make a very good brisket and ribs; but also because I appreciate that in the recent couple of weeks of the new year, they have put a couple of items on as specials that I and several other had asked for.  This week, it is brisket pot pie.  And it was excellent.
Pot pie is not an easy menu item for a BBQ place to simply run as a special.  It shows Matt's desire to offer varied menu items and to draw in people that might want something beyond the simple beauty of smoked meats.  The restaurants that specialize in making loads of pot pies (Bakesale Betty anyone, amazing pot pie) have pastry experts and things such as dough rollers to make the process easier.  Matt was making the dough by hand and with a rolling pin.  These were excellent renditions, peas or not.  Here is a sliced version...
Last week, it was a southern U.S. standby, Brunswick Stew. this week it was pot pies and next week, burnt ends stuffed potatoes.  I really appreciate the fact that Matt and Charlotte are working to create items that are not just the same menu.  I know Matt has more stuff in the pipeline as well.  It is what makes it worth visiting his shop once or twice a week.  I can't wait for pulled chicken pot pie (HINT HINT) or perhaps some smoked salmon? 


  1. Don't forget that other reason to go to Phat Matt's... Matt and Charlotte. And all the other fine folks that work for them. Not only do they make fine BBQ and continually come up with new dishes, but they also make you feel like a member of the family when you eat there.

    There's something to be said for that these days...

  2. I need to make another visit. Matt, Charlotte and crew do a great job.... and maybe pulled chicken pot pie WOW!

  3. Next weekend it is stuffed potatoes, stuffed with burnt ends that is.

    Yep Zydecopaws, there is definitely something to be said for how they reach out to all of us in a friendly manner.

  4. One of my two favorite local restaurants is BBQ also. My two reasons for going there are:
    1) their brisket is awesome and I can't beat it
    2) the experience - it's just enjoyable to nom on BBQ with a bunch of strangers and a friendly staff, a sense of community that you don't get at all restaurants.