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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Today, it was a erroneous chuck roast.  I thought I bought a tri-tip for Labor Day, but, no!  When I finally got around to looking at it, it had turned into a chuck roast.  Well, no fast grilling over oak for this little fella.  Today, I fired up the kettle with some Kingsford Lump and a fist sized hunk of cherry wood.  Indirect heat, somewhere around 270F, with my usual cans of water for thermal mass.

The chuck was rubbed with a blend of my usual mother rub, some kosher salt and curry powder.  I decided it would be interesting to put a 50/50 blend of rub and Madras curry powder onto the chuck.  Here is an action shot of the chuck roast...

The cook went for 5 hours at 270F, then got foiled and placed in a cooler for another hour. I added 1/2 cup of Eel River Brewing Double Dead Red, a nice, malty, double red ale to the foil before sealing. And yes, the rest went into the cook, it was a long wait.  Upon pulling it from the foil, the probe slid in like it was going into softened butter.  Very tender.  Sliced up, tried a few slices and this was some good stuff with some mustard on a roll.  You gotta love BBQ'ed chuck roast.


  1. Bob...where are the fish and chicken recipes? How about a design for an outhouse smoker?

  2. What is this 'fish' thing you speak of. You wanna guest blog a salmon or tuna post?

  3. I've not seen a tri-tip in real life ever. Serious. But I've had many a chuck roasts, I love pulled beef!