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Thursday, September 17, 2009


I need to use shopping lists.  An observation that has been on my non-existent to-do list for ages, my mom used to say that to me when I would call home and ask why I was at the store.  Oh well, old dog now, I made faux-itas today.  I did remember to buy some skirt steak and a red bell pepper.  I did not remember the limes, orange, tequila and tortillas.  No matter, I can work around this.

The veggies were cooked in a hobo pack, sweet onions, red bell peppers and fire roasted Anaheim type green peppers, some seasoned salt, a little oil and a pat of unsalted butter.  Folded up and tossed onto the fire as the coals heated up.  Maybe a total of 30 minutes.

 I marinated the skirt steaks in a  mixture of Amontillado sherry, rice wine vinegar, seasoned salt, Chile powder and fresh cilantro.  After a two hour bath, they were left under a fan for 15 minutes then placed onto the hot Kettle grate.

Off the stove after just about 3 minutes a side over a hot grill, the veggies in the hobo pack along for the ride.  The meat needed to be rare/medium rare, which is to say, red in the middle, just warm to touch.  The skirt steak is such a thin cut, it cooks extremely fast over a very hot coal bed.  Gloves were necessary for this cook.

 Yes, served with Japanese rice, and a little jalapeno salsa.  This was some good dinner for me.  A nice hoppy red ale, like my favorite Arrogant Bastard from Stone Brewing and this is a meal made in Cali!


  1. What we end up doing for shopping list these days, is I tell my wife to head to the store and I send her texts like the following for the next hour:)

    "Oh yeah, get ....."
    "If you're still at the store, pick up some...."
    "If they have any ......, get one."

    The fauxitas look great!

  2. If only I had a wife to do my shopping...

  3. The sherry sounds good, but you're going to run out. I'll bet the sugar in the sherry produces a bit of a glaze. I don't understand why you bathe for two hours prior to cooking the steak.

  4. I can see that I am gonna have to moderate your comments a little more carefully.