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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kettle Bread

Yes, bread on a Weber, in hopes of creating a wood-fired oven feel.  I made a basic bread dough, using an overnight biga to get a good start on the dough.  I added flour and salt this morning and proceeded to make a fairly relaxed and soft dough.  It went through one punch down and two rises, then formed into sandwich rolls.

I am including this shot, cause I think it is cool

The loaves after bench proofing and ready for the kettle.

And here they are on the kettle, I really need a smaller stone, as my baking stone did not fit into the kettle. I think the bread would have been better with the stone.

And done, here they are, all cooked and cooling, ready for the sandwich.

These came out with a fine crumb, a resilient texture and a crisp crust, they made an excellent sandwich roll. I think they would make an excellent bruschetta or even garlic bread.  But that is for another day.


  1. Great looking bread! Don't you just love the texture bread on a cooker has? you just can't replicate that in an oven.

  2. Yes, although, I have some work to do, I wanted more of a wood oven crust.