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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Turkey Day the Pre-party

Well, a break from pork, it is coming up on Thanksgiving Day and I thought I would post at least one turkey post.  Not the cooking of the turkey, but, what to do with the leftovers. My plan was simple, acquire a turkey, get the fixings together, and then come up with a great turkey sandwich.  Well...plans...hmmm....

Turns out the local grocery stored got rid of their turkey stocks that they normally keep handy, to get ready for the new stock of turkeys coming to a market near you soon.  So, I found thighs and breasts, these would have to do, I would make my turkey loaf, which would offer both dark and light meat, perfect for mimicking leftovers. Here it is, all tied up, seasoned on the inside with an herb rub (read Todd's Dirt here) and seasoned on the outside with a poultry rub (read Plowboy's Yardbird here).

Placed on the kettle, indirect, 375F, I would normally have gone 400F or more, but, I had some ribs on there for dinner last night.

Sliced up, I got a perfect turkey loaf, light and dark meat, juicy and very flavorful.  This was an excellent revisiting of a child hood favorite.

Now, for the sandwich, I wanted to make an above average sandwich, not your usual sandwich. In part, this was because it was gonna serve as dinner.  I actually went ahead and made some sausage pecan cornbread stuffing, cucumber and carrot tsunemono, home baked bread along with jellied cranberry, mayo and lettuce. Yes, jellied from the can, it is what is supposed to be served on a turkey sandwich, it just is! Now, here is that sandwich.


  1. Looks very tasty. so you boned out the breast and thighs and then tied the whole lot togther? How hard was the de-boning?

  2. Yes, breast and thigh were deboned, skin was reserved for wrapping. It is not difficult for me to bone, I use that little skinning knife you see in the pictures (and it was clean for photos, I have more than one). I carefully removed the skin, then run the knife along the bone to start. I then pull the meat as I ease the knife along the bone. Do a couple, or practice with chickens. It gets easy fast.

  3. Nice loaf! You seem quite skilled with the meat prep, Bob.

    My favorite turkey sandwich is a Hot Brown. I might have to make one soon!