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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Brisket Tonight

Well, finally got some time to get back on the smoker, and decided to give brisket a run.  I found a small brisket flat which I rubbed up with a two later rub of Simply Marvelous Sweet and Spicy then a second layer consisting of medium ground black pepper, kosher salt and orange rind. It looked like this.

I put it on the kettle over a mixed fire of hardwood lump, hickory chunks and oak chunks.  The wood comprised about half the total fuel load.  It was allowed to light nearly completely and then dumped onto unlit lump. The brisket was put on once the thin blue smoke started up, temperature was running 250F. After one hour, I ramped up the heat to 280F to make a hot-n-fast brisket cook. Here is what came off 4 hours after that.

Served up on a Cakebox bun with some red onions and pickles.  And a Belgian Triple Abbey.


  1. Nice looking brisket. I haven't made one in months and I've had the craving lately.

  2. Get 'er done. Fire up that Briskie egg.