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Monday, November 16, 2009

Well, I somehow managed to injure myself again, this time it is the right hand.  This makes things like cooking rather difficult. But, I can pop a bottle open.  So, here is a brew post.  About 7 months ago I made some hard cider, using my house ale yeast blend.  This was a mistake. I was told by experienced cider makers that this would be a mistake.  I made it with organic unfiltered apple juice. I was told by experienced cider makers that this would be a mistake. This was also a mistake. Still, I made hard cider and it is finally mellowed enough to say it is quite good.  However, it looks like this...

Not exactly the light clear elixir I had planned. The aroma is definitely of apples with a slight hint of ale. The flavor is dry, with undertones of apple, the overall flavor is that of a fruity wine, with a mild ale-ish finish. The house yeast blend is a blend of California and English ale strains that has been harvested from several previous stout, porter and red ale ferments, it has a strong ale yeast profile.

You also probably wonder about the ice, well, this cider is over-carbonated, I mean, to the very limit of being bottle bombs, the ice calms it down.  Next time, I will, perhaps, take some advice.

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