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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

not Queing yet

The return of the dilettante blogger...and I am still not firing up the kettle.  But I did use some of my 'Que stuff to make dinner and it was good.  I decided a burger was in order, and tater tots!  There had to be tater tots.  However, before just whacking the Yukon Gold tater tots into the oven, I coated them with canola oil and a dose of Simply Marvelous Sweet and Spicy rub.  This was a great decision.

The burger was Niman Ranch, lean grind, coated with Plowboy's Bovine Bold rub and fried up on my griddle. I use an old Magnalite Professional griddle as a pseudo-flat top on my stove.  Amongst it's many duties is actually use as a griddle (one of it's main services is as a low heat burner for sauce work and keeping beans warm).

Here is the food.  The fixings ready for assembly...

Moments before assembly...and let me add here, that Bovine Bold added a lovely crust and an excellent flavor and after a brief rest, the juicy burger was ready for this...

And yes, no lettuce, I went with raw cucumbers, persian-type cucumbers in fact. And look at those tater tots.

Oh, it was accompanied by a nice glass (yes a wine stem) of root beer ale.  I mourn the fact that this is the second to last bottle of this summer's brew.


  1. My initial response to cukes as a burger topping was "eeeew" but I quickly realized where pickles came from and it made sense:)

    Great looking burger. I like to hit our tater tots with rub too.

  2. I have found that cucumbers make a very good addition to many sandwiches, a fresher approach to pickles. Lower sodium as well.