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Friday, November 20, 2009

Left-hand cooking

I remain left-handed only, this would be okay if I was left-handed. Sadly, I am not. Still, I managed to open a bottle of aged chocolate milk stout and I did make some fry bread. It was tasty.  The stout was brewed last year and I have been holding onto a few bottle through the summer to see how it aged for a year or so.  It aged beautifully, the chocolate and hops flavors have blended into a wonderful hint of chocolate on the front with the hops providing just a little zing to highlight the finish, it has a long finish with a nice malty mid-palate.  As a milk stout, there is the characteristic sense of sweetness throughout the drinking experience. This would be a crowd pleasing brew.

The fry bread was a tasty snack, with my home made seasoned salt on top to add a little salty/peppery flavor along with a nice fluffy yet chewy texture. I used a simple soft dough with commercial yeast, all-purpose flour, kneaded to make sure it had a good chewy texture. Fried in a mix of canola and light olive oil.

1 comment:

  1. Hope the hand mends soon. The fry bread does look good.

    And no, you have not educated me on the Northcoast Rub, yet. Pass on the details :)