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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Classic Rib Steak

Tonight I went with a classic, a steak on the Weber Kettle, something that has happened in backyards all over America for generations. Since I was a kid, the ritual of firing up the BBQ and putting on some steaks was held up as the epitome of the American good life. Today's incarnation was no different, a lovely 1/2 pound Naturewell rib steak.  While not a 'choice' grade, as you can see this meat did not want for marbling, more importantly, I have found that steaks from this company are always of good quality, taste and have a slight chewy quality. Things I look for in a good steak.
I decided to put on a little Simply Marvelous Cherry BBQ rub, this is one of the best tasting pre-made BBQ rubs I have tried and it is a staple for pork and chicken, today it was a light coating to create a little background to the kosher salt and medium grind black pepper I out on as a top rub. Here it that mess.
This was not a very thick steak, and it seemed very little was necessary but a good high heat searing and 2 to 3 minutes on each side. No grill marks, just a little char for looks and taste and to render out some fat. Here is the grill shot.
Hopefully you can see a little of the fire from the combination of lump and oak briquettes that ended up in the kettle.  This is the kettle at full flame, no brakes, burn it up heat.  I really want this steak to cook in just a few minutes. Plated with some peas and pearl onions for the side. Since I am over-eating with the steak, I cut back on the sides.  It really wanted creamed spinach, but, I was too lazy.
And sauteed shiitake mushrooms, that would have been great, some creamed spinach and sauteed shiitake, why don't I think of these things before I eat dinner.  As you can see, using the poke with your finger method, this steak came out just medium rare, right where I want a good steak to be sitting at.
I use the old trick of poking at the meat, yes, this is more exciting when a pile of flaming briquettes are inches under the steak, and your hand, but, you want a properly done steak right?  Getting back to the whole poking at a steak, you poke the steak in the middle and feel for resistance. If the meat is sorta furry and pushes back, you forgot to kill the steer.  What you want for medium rare is a slight resistance than an easy give. A firm feel with hard center is well done (and ruined). If it gives immediately, it is rare, probably too rare.

Tonight's dinner beverage was home made spiced cherry soda. Yes, more of the cherry syrup from the BBQ sauce experiments, this time mixed with sparkling water. Home made soda water is something I highly recommend.


  1. Perfect looking steak there buddy.

  2. Great looking Ribeye! I've seen some labeled "choice" that looked like that. With such good marbling, I'm guessing the only thing keeping it as "select" is that one thick spot of fat, but that's not going to hurt anything. Nice cute of meat.

  3. Thanks guys, that was one good steak. Once in a while, you just want to eat meat.

  4. What a great steak and cooked rare, just the way I like it. Sounds delicious with the cherry rub and mushrooms too!

  5. Thank you Pam, I am becoming a real fan of cherry and beef.