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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Odd Pork Chops

So, the plan was to do a quick smoke on some pork chops.  I had selected the nice thin cut loin chops when the butcher says 'hey, instead of those, you can get the value pack for $1.99 a pound'.  Well, who turns down a bargain.  I really need to look more closely.

What I ended up with were sirloin chops of questionable size and shape.  Oh well, smoking is about making odd cuts into good food. Here they are with some Simply Marvelous rub (40% Cherry/60% Sweet and Spicy).
The pork looks great here doesn't it.  I let it sit like this for 2 hours. Then rubbed again and put on the kettle at 250F for 2 hours.  Charcoal was lump, wood was pecan, smoke was light blue. It came off looking pretty good, smelling really good.  Here is the pile from the kettle.
Upon slicing I found no smoke ring, the flavor was mediocre at best.  I am not sure what happened, smelled great, but no smoke penetration and flavor is just okay.  I suspect that chile verde is in the offing.


  1. Bob, I have no ideas to share other than to say all "Q'd"food is good food!

    Thanks for the share!

  2. Yeah, I've gotten more than my share of odd cuts from some of those value packs too. You did a nice job with them. Chili verde sounds like a fine idea. So does layering them in a pan, covering with some bbq sauce, and letting them simmer for a bit.

    Remember - when life gives you lemons - keep them. Because, you know, free lemons.

  3. Operation Free Lemons is underway.

  4. Especially a shame when whole tenderloin's $2.15/pound at Costco.

  5. I've been fooled enough times by those "assorted pork chop packs" that look like a pig fell into a paper shredder. It always leaves me ticked off that I fell for the special buy sticker;)

    But even with thick chops, I lean more to a sear then roast technique than smoking for the past few years.

  6. You see the special buy sticker and it just happens