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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Aunt Mary's Cafe

A delayed post. Still, I went and ate, and now I post. Does the fact that you ate it a while back change that you ate it all at all?

A couple of friends and I wandered into Aunt Mary's Cafe on Sunday morning, we had planned on arriving a little early for a Sunday, as most place in the Temescal, like many of the 'chosen' food spots will fill on a weekend morning. I expected good coffee and interesting spins on food. This place did not disappoint, I ordered the Huevos Benedictos. I was greeted with poached eggs, nicely prepared, delicious. What makes poached eggs seem luxurious? Anyways, there were masa cakes, I ordered the dish for the masa cakes, no matter what culture they are from, I love masa cakes. The accompanying chorizo was dark, rich and spicy, a perfect foil for the eggs and masa cakes with cheddar.
I ate it all, I have no remorse.

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