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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Heeeerrreee chicky chicky

Since someone has asked, yes, there is a chicken post now.  I received some advice from a fellow BBQ Brethren on how he cooks his chicken and decided to give it a try.  This is more of a high temperature cook, with the chickens sitting in the kettle at 400F, more or less. Here is a photo of the chicken ready for the heat.

The chicken was given a basic rub combo of equal parts poultry seasoning, Mother rub, dry mustard and seasoned salt. I then started the charcoal, one chimney of Kingsford lump and several small chunks of cherry. Once the coals were dumped and the kettle warmed up (more on this later) the chicken was put on, and allowed to sit there for 50 minutes. It was glazed with Blues Hog Sauce thinned with Mirin (sweet sake) and Amontillado sherry (think semi-dry sherry here) for ten minutes.  Here they are resting and ready for the plate.

Now, back to that charcoal, I am liking this stuff, but, it burns hot and fast (and I don't mean brisket hot and fast). I dumped the chimney and went inside to prep the chicken. Went back out and thought the thermo was broke, said it was 0. Tapped it and nothing, opened up the kettle and it was ripping! Well over the thermo's 500 degree max . Closed up the bottom vents a bit, dropped it to 400F and it went like that for the entire cook.  Done and ready for action, look at that crispy, spicy skin.


  1. So you're using Kingsford Charwood? I like it pretty much, it does good on a Big Green Egg. A lot of people seem to want to hate on Kingsford, but I like using the briquettes with hickory on my Brinkmann offset and will use the Charwood in the Egg.

    Those chix thighs look damn amazing!

  2. Thanks Chris. Yes, I used the Charwood in my kettle. I also use the Kingsford briquettes when I can't get lump, it is very consistent.

  3. Hey, the chicken looks yummy. I bet it would taste good with grilled melon and museum muscat. Who carries Kingford lump charcoal?

  4. Nice looking chicken. I love Blues Hog too. Sometimes I'll thin it with their Tennessee Red, but never would have thought to thin it with mirin and sherry. Great idea!

  5. Stay out of my wine, I do not recall giving you that bottle!

    Dave, I like the idea of cutting BBQ sauces to make glazes with alcohol, I think it carries the flavor better.