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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Char siu-the finale

Here are the final shots of the completed char siu.  I ended up adding some cherry preserves to the honey, 1/8 cup honey to 1/8 cup cherry preserves.  This is used as a baste to the char siu during the last 20 minutes of the cook.

I also include this photo of the very high tech BBQ starter that we used to move things along.

There cherry preserves add a very nice fruity flavor while enhancing the red and shine typical of this recipe. The meat was tender and had a range of sweet, salty and savory flavors. Here it is marinading, we ended up vacuum packing this for 36 hours, which I think gives it better flavor. This is a dish that if you can go more than one day, it gets better.

Off the kettle and waiting for the knife.

The finished product.


  1. Is that a new Stoker, or a Guru? I haven't seen a brown one like that ;)

    I love cherry with pork. I do half/half cherry preserves with a spicy bbq sauce as a finishing sauce for when I want wet ribs.

    How was the texture of the meat? More like roast than butt?

  2. More like roast, although, I have a plan that includes this recipe and a whole butt. It is also good with tenderloin and sirloin.

  3. I can attest to the flavor of this char siu. The outer texture wasn't quite chewy enough though. Hey Bob, mix your spices and a bit of your wet flavoring with salt and pack it around the pork. Perhaps a little surface drying might give it the chewy outside texture. Perhaps you should hang the charsiu in an outhouse smoker for a quick drying smoke.

  4. I like my local ingredients being used! Humboldt SmokeBBQ

  5. I have found that Humboldt has some of the best local products to my taste.

  6. Let me know what you like and I can mail you some. just repay when you come up here with some of your local you have any of that 'red oak'

  7. Not right now, it gets precious in winter. I will look around though. Thanks for the offer, I got a sack up there waiting for me now.