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Friday, November 6, 2009

One of the things about being a BBQ afficionado (addict) is that every trip away from home is a search for new BBQ rubs and sauces.  This past week, I was visiting family in Northern California and took the opportunity to locate some new flavors, as well as an old favorite.  I have been hearing about the new BBQ place in a town that is a little too far off the beaten path, even if I am on vacation, but, I found that they have started marketing their sauce locally in grocery stores, hence, two bottle of Shamus T. Bones BBQ sauce found it's way into my possession.  I also found some jars of Larrupin Cafe Red Sauce which is an excellent version of a BBQ red sauce and is easily converted into a glaze. Here is an image of some examples of the haul.

Along with these two sauces, I found some lime powder and more chile powder to add to my excessively well stocked cabinet of pepper powders. I am not sure how these products will figure into my cooking just yet.  But, vacation is over soon and I will be back at the kettle.


  1. Nice to see someone else with the same addiction. My dear wife says we have more spices and sauces in the house then we have actual food.

  2. Well, the spices are to help keep the food moving out. I gotta do something with that lime powder.