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Friday, November 13, 2009


Well, yesterdays brisket was mighty tasty, but, I felt it was a little dry.  I felt a little moisture needed to be added back in, and chili would be the perfect way to do that. As an aside, most anytime I cook something like a brisket, I feed off of it for several days, has to do with being single. Anyways, no beans, I did add tomatoes, which I know is strictly speaking, not chili. Okay, it is a chili-like substance.

Yes, it does appear that I have served the chili in a dog bowl, like I said, single.  And you might ask, how do you know how much chili to add.  Well, today I used a simple method, I added some chile powder/seasoning mix etc...leaned over the pot, added more, leaned some more, and then, Wowzers!  Reeled away from stove, eyes and nose burning, yep, that is enough chile powder right there. hack wheeze snort snort whimper...


  1. To me, chili has beans. I'm not in Texas, after all:) Great looking plate. Sinuses heal yet?

  2. Yes, the healing has happened, tongue numbing chili is good.