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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Brisket with Coffee Rub-Part 2

And here is the second half of the brisket adventure.  In the stall at 180F, the thermometer sending me temperature data was great.  I could work and not have to run out there all the time to check temps.
Using the Hot-n-Fast method for cooking a brisket involves using a kettle temperature of close to or above 300F to speed the cooking along.  You still follow the normal process for cooking a brisket in terms of the various stages, but, they happen faster.  The stall on this brisket started at 170F and held there briefly, no more than an hour, then climbed quickly to 200F internal temperature, this took no more than an hour itself.  I pulled at 200F and let the meat rest for 1 hour. Here are the results.
The top is the flat, sliced rather thick and yet the slices were tender and had pretty good moisture for a non-injected brisket flat.  I cut the slices close to 1/4" thick just to see how they would turn out. The point was even better, as I prefer this cut, it was tender and juicy, easily as good as any brisket I have had. And here is the plate...
Note the traditional onions and pickle.  There was sauce on the side, it was not needed.  The brisket was cooked as well as I can, it had excellent flavor and texture, I am not sure about the coffee rub, it lacked the coffee punch I had hoped for.  I may need to select a different coffee or adjust proportions.  I will do this again, that much I know.

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  1. I was thinking it would have had more of a punch, too. It looks great though.