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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back to the 'Que

Decided to try cooking some beef ribs, I love these things when they are attached to a rib roast, but, have never actually BBQ'ed them well.  In the past, I have found them to be fatty and oddly tough, which never happened when I did a prime rib roast.  I kept reading about how great beef ribs are, decided I needed to give them another shot and take it low and slow.

Today things went well, got a nice end product.  The ribs were rubbed with a home made rub using seasoned salt, coarse black pepper, pork rub and a little powdered chili.  The ribs turned out very tender and not at all fatty.  There was a good prime rib taste, some nice heat from the chilies and the smokiness that tells you it was done over wood smoke.  Some pics here...

This cook was performed over lump charcoal and oak chunks.  I was using Kingsford Lump Charcoal, which worked well, although I felt it burned down very fast while I was warming up the kettle.  It actually lit off the unlit charcoal that I had set up for a minion style burn.  It was a new product and I am still undecided as to whether I am going to keep it in stock.


  1. They require a little more care than pork so they dont get tough.

    Tomorrow I will try ribs on a (gasp!) gas grill. I will cook in a 3 step process of smoking, steaming and then basting.

  2. Not normally a big fan of beef ribs, but I sure could go for some right now! Can't wait for my WSM to arrive so I can get 'cueing again.

    Where did you get the Kingsford lump? Have you tried Lazzari?

  3. i learned alot using beef ribs. They are dirt cheap, so when i first got my smoker, and started making mod after mod...these were my go to bones! a few i had, had some weird veins in them of were just a little off, but all in all, they are great with a nice vinegar dipping sauce. give them another go, and before you know it, you will have a good way of making them taste very good.

  4. Joe! A gas grill, nooo. Good luck with that.

    Nate, I would have gladly looked after it for you. It must be terrible not having the WSM there. I got the Kingsford lump at a hardware store in El Cerrito. I normally use Lazzari oak lump.

    Anon, yes, they are cheap and tasty. I should have made a vinegar sauce, next time I will.

  5. What kind of temps and times did you use? I've been wanting to try some beef ribs soon.

  6. Chris, I did these at 270F'ish and they went for a little over 4 hours, shorter than I expected. But, they were tender and tasty.